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The Ford Diesel Turbo Repair Exposed

If you drive a Ford Diesel 6.0 power stroke, you probably have experienced some turbo lag that’s not just uncomfortable but dangerous as well. I had one too and decided to take care of it once and for all.

Instead of ordered a new or rebuilt turbo for $1800 or more, I am going to show you have I fixed it. Like what you see? I can fix yours too for a fraction of the cost.

Here’s the entire process:

Step 1:

Ford Turbo

This is the turbo removed from the engine before any work was done. This first step was pretty simple but there were a few clamps that required some special attention.



Step 2:

Ford Turbo-2Here’s the turbo sitting on my bench, ready to be disassembled so we can see what was causing it to seize, which was responsible for the turbo lag. 




Step 3:

Ford Turbo-3As you can see, the entire interior was rusted. No wonder the turbo wasn’t working, all the veins were seized right in place. Carbon and rust were the two culprits, each vein had to be removed and cleaned before they were reassembled. Also, the lower surface under the veins had to be completely cleaned of all rust and then polished to restore factory conditions.



Step 4:Ford Turbo-4 Ford Turbo-5

The “unison ring” on the right, was stuck to the turbo housing. In a properly running turbo, this spins freely on a polished surface, but as you can see the entire unit is completely frozen with rust and carbon. Both parts required extensive and delicate cleaning to restore the surfaces to factory condition.

Step 5:  Ford Turbo-6 Ford Turbo-10

Now we are ready to apply anti-seize compound to all the cleaned surfaces.  Notice where the unison ring makes contact with the turbo housing, I applied anti-seize compound as well.


Ford Turbo-9Everything I’ve shown you here was the result of 4 hours of concentrated, detailed work to insure the system went back together smoothly and precisely. The veins all now move freely in unison to deliver a boost throughout the R.P.M. range. Now, having saved over $1000 in expenses we have a rebuilt turbo that should provide many years of additional service.

Do you have a Ford Diesel Turbo lag problem? Bring it by and lets get that fixed!